"Ryan" - Workplace Discrimination

Case Type: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion (employment) 
Status: Settled by negotiation

Ryan was the General Manager of a digital services agency which he grew substantially in sales, revenue, staff and operational maturity over a two year period.  The team Ryan recruited under his leadership included members of the LGBTIQ community.

When challenged unexpectedly at work concerning the Safe Schools Coalition, Ryan explained that, while he did not want to see anyone subject to bullying, there were elements of the Safe Schools program that conflicted with his values, including the concepts of gender fluidity and the promotion of sexual diversity.  Ryan's views were not tolerated by some and he was summarily terminated from his role for allegedly creating an unsafe workplace through his comments.

Through advice, support and legal referral by the Human Rights Law Alliance, Ryan was able to achieve a substantial settlement for his termination.

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