Before you do anything, get help. Early legal assistance ensures the best chance of a good outcome.

Whether it’s for you, an organisation, or a client, we may be able to provide legal representation and support in any case where there is a freedom of religion issue, including the following:

  • Discrimination complaints;
  • All matters before Anti-Discrimination, Equal Opportunity, Human Rights and similar tribunals or commissions;
  • Vilification and defamation matters;
  • Matters involving street preaching, evangelism, protests, or political and religious messages;
  • Criminal matters where there is an issue of freedom of religion;
  • Workplace harassment, discrimination and unfair dismissal on religious or political grounds;
  • Review of decisions by government and administrative bodies that relate to issues like freedom of speech, association and religion;
  • Disputes, disciplinary proceedings, arbitration etc in universities, the public service and other statutory, administrative and/or government bodies.

We are here to facilitate help in any case that satisfies our criteria for assistance. Simply fill in the details of your situation below and we'll assess it and be in touch.

*Note: we do not get involved in family law, major crimes or child sexual abuse matters.

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