"Chris" - Protecting Political Opinion in the Workplace

Case Type: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion (employment) 
Status: Settled by negotiation 

“Chris” (pseudonym) served in a Commonwealth government department for a number of years without incident.

Recently, however, Chris felt pressure to affirm lifestyles that were contrary to his cultural convictions and heritage. Whilst happy to work with and befriend all people, Chris believed such matters to be ones of private practice and conviction.

After raising concerns about pressure to march in a “pride” parade and a refused request to unsubscribe from a “pride” email newsletter, Chris was not only officially warned once by the discipline unit, but placed under a further investigation for suspected breaches of discipline.

Lawyers affiliated with the Human Rights Law Alliance were able to represent Chris in negotiations with the discipline unit which ultimately saw the investigation dropped and no further action taken.

Concerns remain over the nature of the policies that saw Chris disciplined.

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